Sunday, April 12, 2020

Weathering and Stain

So this week I had to give in and color my own hair because my salon appointment last month was postponed and I doubt the appointment I have this Thursday will be kept.  And an inch of silver roots is my limit.

The company I work for is a family owned restaurant with several locations in DFW and we're open for curbside takeaway this Easter.  No one at the company has been laid off, and we're hoping that continues.  The accounting staff was given Friday off in honor of the holiday.  So I got an extra day to work on my roombox.

I spent a lot of it working on the back wall of the 'chamber'.  I built up the bookshelves with scrap wood and added a wood panel to the front of each of them.  And I made up the wood enclosure for the area over the mantle.  I actually made it too tall because my fireplace ended up being slightly larger than I'd planned.

I had some thin wood trim and some wider trim and used it on the inch wide strip wood I put between the fireplace and bookcases to make it look more like elaborate columns.  Then I added my crown molding to go around the columns and baseboards for the front of the bookcases.

I also made progress on my herringbone floor.

I want the room to look dark and gothic so I started with American Walnut on the floor.

It still looked a little too light for me.  So I added some Dark Walnut.  And I stained the bookcases with the Dark Walnut as well.

I added some American Walnut on top of it and sealed it with a semi-gloss poly.

The floor looks a bit lighter in this picture simply because of the sun coming in the windows.

You recall I didn't care for how new the windows and door trim looked after I painted them?  I added a black paint wash over the top of all of it to give it a more aged look and I think it suits the mood of the room a bit more.

The next step will be getting the wallpaper and wainscoting on the walls, and adding the window trim, curtains and cornices.

I have some sconces on order and a lamp for the desk.  I want to wire the sconces before I do the portraits and any trim to go on the center of the chimney surround.  Once I get the room trim established I'll work on the furniture and all the oddities.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.


  1. Wow! The floor is stunning! I love the new color of the shelves.
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Looks great Sheila, and I think the stain you have chosen is just right. Will definitely set the mood. Happy Easter! And great to hear you all have your jobs - what a relief.

  3. You have made great progress and have done a very nice job on the chamber wall and floor. They both look wonderful. You are not alone on having to dye your own hair. On the news last night they said that last month it was toilet paper, this month it is hair dye. I’m glad you and your co-workers still have jobs.

  4. I am very much enjoying watching this build. You are doing a marvelous job! I hope you are enjoying a long weekend and staying well.

  5. El envejecimiento te ha quedado genial y los colores de la fachada se ven preciosos,gran trabajo!

  6. Did you make the bookshelves from scratch? They are perfect! I love the floor as well, great work.

  7. This floor looks amazing. I really love it. I wish I had one for my dolls. :)
    And the bookcases and fireplace are wonderful too.
    It's so great to see your work.

  8. You have made great progress, Sheila, wall and floor look darker indeed, so good job! The aged black look on the windows makes it more balanced regarding to the facade, well done!
    Glad to read that you all have your jobs and that you got your hair dyed ;)! My hair is still getting more grey........ah well, let's say: that suits to an old Granny as me.....for awhile, huh ;O)!!??
    Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. A good final result ..., the floor looks beautiful.

    Happy Easter

    Greetings from Indonesia

  10. Me gusta mucho el resultado de la chimenea integrada y el color te ha quedado genial.El progreso en tu fachada se la ve estupenda. :-) el pelo creo que todas a estas fechas estamos con el cm de canas , pero estando trabajando no me extraña que te lo hayas teñido, cuídate

  11. Mooie vloer heb je gelegd!
    groetjes van Marijke

  12. The focal wall looks warm and interesting with all of the wood detailing and lovely stain! The floor came out great and makes such a nice complement to the wall features and fireplace! Great progress!

  13. So glad to hear there have been no layoffs in your company yet. I love the way your floor is turning out. The variations in the stain, the warm color--it has a rich and antique feel that goes perfectly with your theme. The bookcases look great, too. The extra panel was an excellent addition.

    THREE THUMBS UP! Sheila :D

  15. Hi Sheila! It's me... late again! LOL! I have a love of dark moody rooms and this one is going to be soooo Wonderfully moody! (You might have noticed I use a Lot of dark walnut stain!) The herringbone floor looks fantastic and the shelves do too! You are making great progress and I can't wait to see more! Stay well and keep up the great work! :):)