Sunday, October 13, 2019

Living Quarters Furniture Layout

I worked on the living quarters of the bookshop today.  Mostly trying to determine the furniture arrangement.

I'm trying to keep in mind that I need to take photographs of this so I don't want some furniture blocking the rest of it.

At first I thought of having the bed in the little alcove.  With a screen to block the sleeping quarters from the rest of the room.

The biggest issue I had with that was that the tall wall desk was very bulky at the front of the room.  So I tried something else.

I didn't care for the bed being in front of the door.  So I reversed some things.

I like the idea of a bookshelf but it takes over and pushes out from the wall too much.

Getting closer.

I like this best so far.  I really wanted the desk/cabinet because it's a very efficient piece of furniture.  So I built the Hepplewhite Serpentine chest.

It gives more storage for clothing without being too bulky.

I also spent part of the day wiring some Chrysnbon wall sconces with lights...

Then I tested them.  A wire crossed and promptly shorted them out.  Frustrating.  So I got some of my extra Housework sconces that match the shop shelves and put them in.  The glue is still drying.

I need to stain/paint the rest of the furniture and dress all of it with accessories but then the living quarters will be mostly done.

I've got a few more books made and the sconces are all attached to the bookshelves now. So that's a bit more progress.

Seasonal allergies have managed to drive me up a wall so I didn't do much last week. I felt okay most of the week and then started to feel sick on Friday again... Lovely right?  Sick again just in time for the weekend.

Lots of sleep seems to help.  But blech.  I hope the rest of you are doing better!


  1. The room looks wonderful already. I can't wai for all the accessories you will put there. I'm absolutely sure it will be perfect. :)

  2. Great pieces of furniture for the living quarters!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. You are doing a wonderful job. The living quarters have everything necessary. Looking good.

  4. This room offers many possibilities for furniture, so I guess you'll decide while the time goes by...because someone will often change the situation once more until "the feeling about it is right".
    Seasonal allergies? Blegh, me too ;). I hope you'll feeling better soon.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. At first, I really liked your bed in the alcove, and didn't want you to change it. But then I saw the hutch and stove there, and I really like that layout better. It's such a pretty room! Sorry to hear you were feeling sick again for the weekend. That is so annoying, when you finally get a chance to get some work done, and then don't really feel up to it!

  6. Hi Sheila. Sorry for the allergies - my husband has bouts of it and I see how awful it can be for some so you have my sympathies. I personally like the bed in the alcove. In real life, that is probably the most likely spot I would put a bed, as it is a cosy tucked away corner, away from window light. I don’t mind the tall desk at the front. It looks to me that the washstand is the same width as the tall desk and the spacing of them needs adjusting (eg push the washstand closer to the bed and leave the desk right at the front). Or swap the washstand for the chest of drawers. Maybe when the other pieces are stained, you will figure out the desired layout. They will look different in there once painted. Have a great week! X

  7. I think I may have mentioned before that I love the wallpaper and wainscoting together but it's so pretty that it's worth saying it again - So Pretty!
    I like all of the furnishings and all of the combinations so it must have been so hard to settle on one. The dresser came out nice and I can't think of a better way to deal with a little under the weather feeling than to fix up unfinished furniture! I hope the fun chases all the icky-ness away!

  8. Has puesto unos muebles fantásticos y al ofrecer tantas posibilidades de colocación en esa habitación,la decisión será difícil,pero estoy segura que en un momento dado,encontrarás la que más te guste!!

  9. That is so much a part of the fun is moving the furniture around and deciding where the pieces go and maybe then changing your mind again lol. Beautiful furniture and a very pretty room.
    Hugs Maria

  10. I always find the arrangement of furniture to be a double edged sword, because whatever you decide on for what's on the floor, will determine what and where the lighting goes, therefore, a lot of pre-planning is a must. And yet what usually happens is that our plans change as the project develops and so POOF!
    there goes your light schematic!


  11. I like this project. I know you will come up with an arrangement that looks great! I really like that desk. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  12. Hi Sheila! Sorry I am late to comment! (I am running behind my schedule...!) I hope you are feeling better! The furniture arrangement can be such a tricky thing with these projects of ours... limited space and the need to see up close for some things makes "realism" go out the window! I think it is amazing the difference adding accessories like the lights makes to setting the feeling of the room! Too bad your lights shorted out... it is so frustrating when that happens. I think the pieces of furniture you have are wonderful ones and I am sure you will make them work! Don't give up! But do rest and get better... nothing works right when we are feeling awful!

  13. This room is giving so many possibilities of arrangment. I like the final version, but couple previous ones were also good :) Can't wait to see the finished room :)

  14. Decisions, decisions... you have many lovely pieces to arrange and try out in the room. Whatever you end up doing, it's going to be stunning!

  15. I love your stove !! and the chest, I love kits all ready to assemble, I went through my kit foly and bought 30 of them, all sorts !! Great little decor ! huggsss

  16. I love the wallpaper and paneling. Playing and figuring furniture is one of my favorite parts, but you're right that it's more difficult when you're planning to photograph it. Still I like all the furniture pieces and especially the desk.

  17. I love the whole idea of this room. Have I understood it correctly that it is the total living quarters, so needs to be cooked, eaten and slept in? I know you love the desk piece and I can see why but I would argue that whoever lives there would just use the table for any writing etc. It would give you a free wall space for some hooks to hang coats etc? Then they have everything they need. Comfy chair to pull up to the stove, simple chair to go to the table that does everything from food prep to doing the accounts. Good sturdy chest of drawers for clothes and other possessions. A wash stand and bed. A small dresser for dishes and kitchen paraphernalia. I envision lots of stuff being hung on walls or shelves??? Such fun