Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Filling the Shelves

October has been a crazy month.  Between getting sick, being tired, working on other projects I haven't posted weekly like I usually do.

But I've been telling myself that's okay.  This is for fun. Not a job. No rigid schedule.

I've gotten some things done.  Stained the table for the living quarters, wired the light on the bureau.  Made a 'crocheted' coverlet for the bed. Though I like it hung over the footrail better.

And I got all my books and started to fill my shelves.


I have more left, and I'm planning on having some window display books. (Need to make stands for them.)  And I want to have extra books stacked on top of the shelves as well.  But I'm almost at the point of being able to glue the book shelves in place and do the wiring.  I really can't wait for that. It'll be so much fun!

And by fun I mean involving a lot of cursing, bending, hollering at the cats to get away from me, and ultimate satisfaction of everything lighting up the way I want.

Oh, and here's the other pumpkin scene I did.

Right now my work place has both pumpkins on the side table in the lobby at my workplace.  Which is very cool of them.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.  So hopefully work won't be too cray cray and I'll get to leave at a decent hour.

Hope you all had a great October!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys will get to do something fun and memorable!
    The pumpkins in a jack-o-lantern scenes are so much fun and I am glad you got to share that fun with your coworkers! Makes work a little nicer when we see each other's outside interests!
    The bedroom is looking lovely and I like the coverlet in both places! It's so pretty and coordinates with the wallpaper so well!
    I know the feeling of satisfaction you must feel to be finally loading up the bookshelves - they look wonderful! Though the task of getting them installed will be a challenge needing all your concentration, the kitties will forgive your mood the minute you successfully finish and celebrate with them! Good luck and I am anxious to see!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad your office is showing/sharing your work. That's so awesome. The books look great! And I love your crocheted cover!

  3. Feliz aniversario! Espero que sea un gran día para vosotros!
    Que maravilloso ha tenido que ser,ver el esfuerzo de tantos libros al ir rellenando las estanterías,quedan fantásticas!!!
    Muy divertida la escena de la calabaza,estoy segura que pondrá una nota de alegría en tu trabajo!

  4. Yes, Sheila, blogging is for fun, that's so right! I know, but I also feel just a bit of pressure to get writing a new blog post ;).
    Good to read that you've accomplished some things in mini. The coverlet for the bed looks wonderful, in both ways of draped on the bed. But on the bed it will cover the beautiful quilt very well, so at the footrail seems also better to me, but do as you want it yourself.
    BUT.....the amount of so many books is astonishing, I knew it was alot of work, but it shows!!
    Your Halloween scene is awesome, nice to show them at your workplace, so well deserved!
    And for today: Happy wedding anniversary, Sheila, I hope you'll be home early, enjoy your day!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Happy anniversary!! And you are right, this is fun not a job, we have enough rigid schedules in real life to let our hobby and blogs becoming another one. So, good for you. I hope you feel better, is good to see you back. I am happy that you are making progress in your current projects and I really enjoy your pumpkin scene, it´s FUN!

  6. Happy anniversary! Absolutely, blogging is for fun. I always look forward to your posts, but I don't expect you to post on a rigid schedule. (And making us wait a little makes us appreciate your posts even more. 😉) With all you've had going on, you certainly seem to have accomplished a lot. I like the coverlet, especially over the footrail. It seems perfectly placed there. How wonderful that you finally get to fill your bookshelves! They are looking fabulous. And the Halloween scene is so cute! What a wonderful employer, displaying your work!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your Halloween minis are fun and you managed to make good progress with your book shelves. A great idea with the lacy bed coverlet for those who can't crochet.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Hi Sheila! Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary too. I love how your shelves are looking with all those books in place. It really makes all that work worth while when you see the results. I have fallen way behind on all my reading and commenting on blogs. I hope to get caught up soon. It looks to me like you have gotten a lot done! I like the way the bed looks with the crochet hanging over the end too... that way you can see the pretty quilt! Your pumpkins look like a lot of fun too! I'm glad you are feeling better and I always love to see what you are up to... but no pressure, it is supposed to be for fun! :)

  9. Hi Sheila. Firstly, happy anniversary! I hope you had a lovely evening together. And wow, the shelves look really good. I like how they are grouped with their matching counterparts, as if they are sets or multiples of one kind. And the one shelf of single individual books, because in real life there are always the oddities that don’t really belong elsewhere. Hope you got the shelves stuck in without too much grief! Have a great weekend. X

  10. Happy Aniversary! :)
    You was really busy - so much work you have done! Bookshelves look impressive. I love them. And every other detail of course. :)

  11. Happy Anniversary! I hope you will do something fun and memorable!
    Pumpkin diorama looks super cute :)
    And books on the shelfs look amazing :0 Your work is so impresive!!!