Sunday, December 2, 2018

Tree, Shingles and Garden Walls

I think it's officially almost time to panic.  Brae has helpfully put a countdown on her blog and every time I go look at her progress I start thinking about my own.

Then I have to do deep breathing exercises so I can calm down.

Keeping in mind that I don't have much time left I've been doing a bit of work each night this week.  Mostly getting the tower roof shingled and the main roof painted.

I took this last picture Saturday and I was thrilled the cats were being so sweet and not interfering.

The Building Inspector on the cat climbing tree. AKA Tali Zorah Vas' Normandy.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow on top of the craft supply shelf.

Miho, in one of the little window shelves.  Nice sunny spot.

Helo on the other window shelf.

All four of them were lined up in a row.  This very rarely happens.  Drusilla lives in her own room and was quite happy to stay there in her little bed on the chair when I opened the door.  She just looked at me like 'what do you want? I'm sleeping.'  Obviously not in a picture taking mood.

Unfortunately Saturday was the last day the Building Inspector kept her nose out of things.  She was all over the table after that. There was cat hair on the dollhouse roof. As if someone had been walking or rubbing on it.

Despite her interference I did manage to get the roof completely shingled.

I had to let the glue dry overnight before I could paint.

You've seen the black undercoat.  I went over it with Anita's Acrylic Charcoal paint.  I put a straight layer of paint and then added water to the brush and pulled the paint down.  It gave it a nice streaky finish.

Then I went over it with another layer of slightly lighter paint, Americana Grey Sky and did the same thing.

I added a layer of Folk Art's Thunder Grey in a few places but I didn't care for how it looked so I watered it down and spread it out so it wasn't as obvious.

I decided to add the bargeboards and topper to the front.  I don't think I'll end up painting the roof anymore but if I do I can tape it off.

I went to the Scenery Solutions site and ordered some more Candytuft last week.  The man who runs the site was really great and upgraded my shipping so I got it this Friday.  So I was able to work on the tree some more.  Can't say enough nice things about him.

I'm adding a bit of a built up base to it so I can have the branches clear the walls of the garden.   I need to carve it away a bit more but you get the gist.

I have my chimney made, and I have the two stacks for it.  I'm priming my dragons to embellish the stacks.

I remembered to age/burn the bread boards.

I thought of using matches but I decided it would be safer to just use charcoal.

But that's the extent of my progress for the week.  I'm going to try and make some vegetables using Jodi's tutorial this week and hopefully put stone on the garden walls in the evenings.

I'm still waiting on my sausages to arrive, I've been told it can take up to eight weeks.  Lets hope they get here soon, I'd like to get the drying rack hung up.

I'm lucky though, with all the time I'd put in when we were trying to take the new accounting program live at the end of October, I got about twenty six hours of flex time.  My boss is letting me take a day and a half of it this Thursday and Friday so I get some extra time to work on the dollhouse this weekend too.

The tape you see on the corner is because someone (The Building Inspector) decided to jump up on or pull down the lower wall and snapped the trim when it fell to the ground.  One of the shutter hinges came undone and had to be reglued as well.  There was a lot of cursing and threats and she went to her daddy's spot on the couch and pouted.

I can use this turf for moss on my rocks around the tower base and a bit on the lower portion of the house walls if I like how it looks.

I need to make a stop at Hobby Lobby tomorrow on the way home and get some more paint.  But other than that I'm pretty good for supplies.

How are the rest of you doing?

Create 'slate' roof
           Put Roof on House
           Paint roof.
Finish back of house and tower
Doves/Pigeons for dovecote - Got need to glue on
Basic landscaping around the minimal base.
Lean to, to hide light switches.
Label Switches
          Hang sausages-mailed
          Age Bread paddles
          Cloak - Anna
Create front garden
          Make tree? - more candy tuft ordered.
                         Finish adding and paint out stems.
          Make stream?
          Make lake/river to go alongside house
          Add moss and weeds along side house and tower
          Make stone wall to go around garden
          Iron front gate. 


  1. It is looking absolutely AWESOME, Sheila!! I am completely blown away by the finish of your roof shingles - they look amazingly real and perfect. I must say, I am also impressed how (mostly) well behaved your cats are not interfering with your project.

    1. Thanks Anna! I'm really pleased with how they turned out. My first time doing shingles like this so I was concerned they'd look boring. I might add a bit of moss to a few places, shadowed areas where moisture would gather maybe?

      Building Inspector is the chief culprit. She's in big trouble tonight.
      Hugs! Hope you're still recovering on schedule!

  2. Sheila, you have done lots of work, oh dear, everything you've done is gorgeous. The roof looks awesome, so realistic and I love the tree made with the candy tuft (by the way, thank you for answering my question ;O). Your other cats have behaved themselves perfectly, they knew that it wasn't wise to interrupt you, because of the deadline.....exept of The Building Inspector..... ;).
    Wish you luck and some extra time this week to continue this job, I enjoy it so much to see this project growing!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I'm glad you like the roof. You're right, the others were all very good. Building Inspector has been awful!

  3. I can say only one thing: AMAZING!

    Really, I am speachless...

    1. Thanks Kamelia! I'm glad you like it. I need to clear off my table and start getting everything ready for picture taking once I'm done with the garden.

  4. The roof looks great, the apple tree is spectacular.....glad you aged the bread boards, can't wait to see what you do with the dragons....the cats are adorable.

    If there are last minute things you need feel free to raid my stash, I can ship faster than a shop. :)

    1. Thanks Keli! I'm hitting the store on the way home for more paint. I need to remember to age my stacks before I glue them onto the chimney.

      I need to sit down and get the whole place set up for picture taking so I can see if I need to add anything more. On the whole I'm satisfied. Just irked that when I've paid for something I'm still waiting for it. That'll teach me about ordering things last minute.

  5. Oh Sheila, the apple tree is stunning!!! So are the shingles. At this rate you'll be in time with an incredible house. Your cats are adorable and well behaved.

    1. Thank you Drora! I just need to add a few more bits of greenery and paint and then add apples. I'm really glad about how the shingles turned out.

      They are adorable...well behaved... I hate to disillusion you but not always.

  6. Awww! The kitties look so happy basking in the sun rays! Oh to be able to be so lazy and dream!
    13-1/2 days?!? Wow that seems to have come on suddenly, but I guess it really is only four weeks 'til Christmas Eve!!!
    The shingling of the tower seems like a challenging job, but it looks really good! I just love those shingles - they make my heart double beat! And they are just THE perfect style for the cottage!!!
    A little hint about the veggie tutorial: Where I use paper and Mod Podge, use masking tape instead. It's much easier and less bulky! There's a story behind why I didn't put that in my tutorial, and it was out of respect for someone who sells veggies made the same way. I hope you have fun with them!
    The tree looks so realistic and truly amazing! I love that you thought of giving it a lift for better sight over the wall! I'm excited to see the finished landscaping and the chimney!
    Enjoy the well deserved flex time! I hope you find The Zone and really relish in the process of finishing up this incredible build!

    1. Thanks Jodi! I actually have a few things that I might be able to sub for some of the paper and I'm hoping to use them for my leeks and green onions. I'm most excited about the different lettuces.

      I'm hoping to get the tree done during the evening of this week, at least to the point where I can put the apples on. The chimney should be fun if I can pull it off.

      I would like to sleep like the cats. Someday maybe.

  7. I am LOVING IT!!!! I feel transported back in time into Jolly Old England
    Everything fits together naturally and looks inhabited too! Love the tree and the side garden and The Roof-
    You've done Good Girl !!!:D

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I was so glad the roof looks good. I really worried about it.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Penelope! I'm so glad you like it. The house is nearly done, time to finish the front garden.

  9. Hi Sheila! Your roof looks wonderful! Your method with layering and streaking the paint is a great technique! It is looking properly uneven and aged to perfection! The tree is also just amazing and I think the little garden is just a perfect space! The walled enclosure is always appealing to me... (did I mention I am going to build one someday? Lol!) I am so impressed with how diligent and methodical you are about your lists and tasks... I would have panicked and quit a long time ago!!! I think you will make it... You have tons of time left at the rate you accomplish things! Keep up the Great work!!! I'm rooting for you in case you couldn't tell! :):)

    1. Thank you Betsy! It was pretty labor intensive but I think it turned out pretty well. And it's done! I'm really hoping to get more of the walls done and the vegetables... the tree and chimney are nearly done too.

  10. Panic can be a great motivator! :D The roof looks awesome! Whimsical and aged just the right amount. I love Scenery Solutions. They are super responsive to crafters on a deadline. :]

    1. Thanks Brae! I'm excited about the roof. And Oh yes! I'm just about done thanks to that panic adrenaline rush! He was so nice and helpful.