Sunday, June 4, 2017

It's Already JUNE!

And oh yes, I am so shouting that.

I feel like I'm finally making some progress with the dollhouse.  As you know I've had bits and pieces of the inside that I've worked on and lately I've been concentrating on the exterior. 

I managed to get the mortar on the stone wainscoting last weekend but since it takes twenty four hours to cure I really couldn't do much past that.  I don't have a lot of time in the evening during the week, or at least it feels like I don't, due to various issues.  So I had to wait until this weekend to work on the rest of the exterior.

Saturday I was dealing with 1:1 scale furniture and the resultant mess that comes from transferring books to different shelves and then doing the same with clothing.  Man, books can get dusty!  The good news is the master bedroom has a new headboard and nightstands which fit better and have working drawers.  My dresser and book shelves are now more organized which is nice and I have another set of shelves to store miniatures stuff on.  I haven't moved stuff off the desk to put them on the shelves but maybe next weekend.  One day on 1:1 scale stuff is enough for a weekend.

The bad news is last night I was feeling every bit of my forty plus (plus, plus) years after all the bending, moving and then breaking down of cardboard boxes. 

Still, today the aches aren't as bad and I'm back to dollhousing.  Yes, I made a new verb, it's a verb we all deserve and use a lot of the time so why not. 

I wanted to protect the stone and mortar so I got some quick dry satin poly finish and gave the wainscoting a quick coat.  You can barely tell its there but it makes me feel better. 

I did some research on craftsman houses and how they look with wainscoting and I've noticed that white is a big color for the trim.  Which I actually like. Its a nice contrast with the stone and will pop against the siding color.  So I painted up some lengths of basswood and glued them on.  I've still got the tape to hold everything in place since the glue takes a while to dry.

Siding color.  I am sooooo dithering over this.  I've got a few colors sampled on a board.  I want the house to look somewhat traditional but not over the top khaki, brown or green the way a lot of craftsman houses are.

I mean this is pretty, but not what I want to look at everyday.

This is more my style.

Or this.

I really like that blue. I've got a similar color that I'm sampling. 

I don't think I can pull off the additional detailing in brown for the upper portions of the gables though.  Am I using that word right? Gables?  The triangle parts of the walls that go up to the roofline.  Geez, you'd never know English was my first language.

Anyway, the simplicity of the kit doesn't lend itself to more than a couple of colors on the outside, at least not as I've got it pictured.  So the wainscoting, white trim, siding color and then a pop of a different color for the door, or maybe a stained wood.  Not sure on the door yet. 

It feels like I've got so much to figure out and do and less than six months to do it. 

But here are my colors up against the wainscoting and trim.  What do you think?

I'm leaning towards that dark blue. Though I really like the teal, it's cheerful. The khaki color is just a little blah to me and the grey is barely there.  It feels like the blue is more earthy. 

What do all of you think?  I can't paint until I get all the siding cut out so I've got some time. 


  1. I love the teal. When you go with a dark color you can lose the detailing of the siding shadows.

    And, yes, those are gables. :] You learn a lot of construction terms making mini houses. I still recall when I learned fireplace cheeks were an actual thing. :D

    1. Thanks! Gables, panes, mullions, eaves... I'm learning more everyday!

      I do love the teal. I'm trying to keep in mind the tile around the fireplace and the brighter colors I'm using inside as well. But the teal isn't so bright that it would be overwhelming. It's softer, if that makes sense?

  2. Absolutely, definitely the blue. Wow, what pop. I wouldn't go darker than that though. It's difficult to tell on a computer, as all monitors are different, but here it looks more of a mid-blue. Deeper than crayon blue, but lighter than navy, I love it.

  3. That's one vote for the blue and one for the teal. Two for the teal if you count my husband.

    I love how the blue looks but it's very dark in person. So I'm still debating. Brae made a good point about details disappearing in pictures when things get dark.