Sunday, June 25, 2017

Front Door & Vertical Siding

I spent most of yesterday figuring out how to add some vertical siding to the house.  And exactly where I wanted it to start.

I could not get past the horizontal lap siding over the porch, so that had to go.  And I figured the upper portion of the house would also need vertical siding.

So with some cursing, sanding, prying and a lot more cursing I managed to replace the horizontal lap siding with vertical siding in the appropriate places.  Then I painted. 

I also painted window trim and the exterior portions of the windows.

That was Saturday.  Lots of work.

So today I started out with something that I knew I'd like.  I painted the front door.  I love how the Cascade color pops against the Nautical and Warm White.

And I did a test run of the trim and the windows before I began to paint the trim. 

Here's a couple of shots of the whole shebang.

I'm so happy with that front door I can't tell you.

Granted, it is hard to get the full effect of the trim with the painters tape everywhere but I didn't want to mess something up.

I'm debating some roof braces/corbels, maybe one at each side of the roof extended from the corner trim?   Or would that be too much?

So far I've only got the trim for the front cut, I need to do the back and sides. 

But I did cut out my bathroom window glass so I could test it.

I'm debating with myself on these small side windows.  Do I add some mullions and divide them up?  The ones next to the chimney...I could possibly divide in two, similar to the bathroom window and then divide the upper portion into three panes.

I'm worried they'll look too busy.  But without some sort of detail they look very plain to me.

The horizontal sitting loft windows would actually be easier, just divide the existing pane into three with a couple mullions added.

I actually painted the exterior window trim and then had to stop from gluing it on because I need to add some wood so the window depth matches the wall depth.  With the siding on the windows don't extend to the exterior.

And while I was thinking about that I realized that the window trim really doesn't look very 'Craftsman'.  All the trim that comes with the windows are cut at forty five degree angles to make a nice little frame around the window.  A picture frame style trim.  That's fine for a regular house.

Craftsman windows tend to feature a slightly wider head to the casing with straight lines, very few diagonals at all.  They'll often have a crown to the head as well.  Like so.

It's not huge but it does make a difference to the eye.

Since I'm busting my butt to make this house look more Craftsman not less, part of the painting I'd done was wasted.  So I've got my work cut out for me. 

At least I hadn't glued anything on before I came to this realization.

I also realized that I do need some type of under the eaves trim as well.  Definitely need a frieze board and I want some rafters to show for certain. 

I'd love some opinions on the windows and the idea of corbels or braces for the roof.  I don't want it to look fussy.  Clean and classic is the idea.

Ah well.  Back to measuring and cutting.


  1. Cutting new trims for the interior would likely be best. For the exterior, just add a top/bottom casings from very thin veneer or even cardboard if you are painting and not staining. This will convert the windows with minimal work on the exterior.

    The change in siding between the main part and the top looks great -- really enhanced the look overall. The door is indeed a great color. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm excited the change in siding worked out well enough.

      The windows are always an issue for me, seems no matter what, I always have trouble with the darn things.

  2. Everything is coming together and looking absolutely charming - just as a craftsman should! I love the idea of a more craftsman type window, and after having changed window frames recently myself, I've learned that even the smallest details make a HUGE difference! Your instincts seem spot on!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to get the outside all set up and done before I really hit the inside too much. I've got so much to do!

  3. The vertical sidings look excellent. I love how you've framed each portion of the roof and yet kept the theme going. I have no idea about craftsman style so I can offer no advice but I'm sure you'll get it spot on, regardless. Great work Sheila :0)

  4. I love the door, the colours and the vertical sidings!! I know nothing about the craftsman style either but it seems that you are becoming an expert. Your attention to detail is amazing. I enjoying so much following your progress :)

    1. Thank you! I really worried about the door.

    2. I agree with Alexandra 100%! Each of your additions and improvements add an extra layer of personality and style to this little bungalow. I Love the vertical trims and also your front door; a daring choice and a good one! :D

    3. Thanks! i'm hoping to get the trim painted and added to the house this weekend.

    4. Love love LOVE that look and those colors! I'm a total fan of stone, too! Good job :)

      Have you figured out who I am yet? Lol

    5. Thanks! The stone was hard work and there's more to come.

      LOL, I have not. But I'm awful at that sort of thing so its not exactly a surprise.

  5. I think it is all looking Wonderful! The changes in the siding have emphasized the change in elevation making the house look taller than before and definitely more "Craftsman" style. I agree with you about the window trims.... little details like that make more of a difference than we realize at first. I think the small windows should also have dividers in them, mimicking the larger windows. In older house styles the panes were small because larger panes of glass are more expensive and harder to manufacture. Most windows had some kind of division, even if only where they opened, up until the modern houses when they made "glass wall" windows. So far I really like the changes you have made! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited about how its turning out so far. I think the small windows do need something so I'm going to make the attempt.

  6. Love love love the vertical siding! That must have been horrible to peel off the other stuff first! The craftsman's style seems to have a lot of elements in their designs so personally I think some roof braces might be okay even with everything going on. The front door does look gorgeous like that too :) I do like your window trim suggestion, and I can't wait to see what you decide on to divide the smaller windows. The whole build really has that wow factor in the navy colour :)

    1. Thanks! I'm excited about how its working out, just need to keep moving forward with it.