Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fireplace Brick Colors

Okay, so while I'm waiting on another layer of stain to dry I began to put different colors of paint on my egg carton sample.

My four basic colors are Americana's Napa Red and Heritage Brick as well as Anita's Chocolate Brown and Bark Brown.

I mixed some of the red with some of the brown.

And then I started to put the color up against the wood and tile. no particular order...

The mix of Heritage and Bark near the wood.

The mix of Heritage and Chocolate next to the wood.

Here's the Heritage Red next to the wood.

The Napa Red next to the wood.

 Here's the plain Chocolate Brown next to the wood and you can sort of see the Bark brown next to the wood as well.

Honestly the Chocolate brown seems a bit too light to me.  The Bark brown is too dark and I'm not sure why I even tried. it.

Of course the mix of Napa and Chocolate I can't even get next to the wood, which honestly is fine, it just looks muddy to me and I don't like it much.

The Heritage Brick seems pretty good.  And the Napa nearly matches one of the tiles.  See the red tile in the upper right hand corner?

I'm kinda thinking the Heritage Brick is a good idea.  I just don't want it to blend into the wood too much.  I'm going to let it sit so I can think about it for a while.  And if I'm really ambitious I'll go to Hobby Lobby and look for more paint. 

Questions? Comments? Great thoughts?


  1. Define the shade best by looking at real houses. In e.g. Northern Europe they have rather red brick, Italy is different again. The problem with mixing is that if you run out of paint you will never be able to get the same tone again...

    1. I'll have to take a look at some pictures. The brick on the outside of my house is similar to the Heritage Red.

  2. Hi Sheila. Tough decision. I think the mix of bark and heritage with bits of the other colours sponged and dry brushed over the top for variation. Although the heritage looks pretty good too. Sit and look at it for a bit. I am sure it will come to you.

    1. That's actually an idea. If I paint the bricks different base colors and then heritage red over the top I'd get some variation but nothing would clash too badly.

  3. I like the heritage brick, but I think different base coats underneath is a great idea.

    1. I'm staring at it for a bit longer but more and more I think that's the way to go.

  4. Seguro que con las mezclas que estás haciendo lograrás el tono que tu desees, feliz domingo:-)