Thursday, February 4, 2016

Inspiration Pictures

I have ideas for the 2016 Creatin' Contest.  You remember the base kit right?

And you can always check out the actual site.

I had some ideas... and I'm leaning more and more towards a scaled down version of a New Orleans townhouse.  Something with an upper balcony for certain.  So I went a searching the interwebs.  And lookie what I found.

I love the steps up to the doors and the arches with the balconies overhead with the brackets.  I think I could do it with some wood and the kit.  I could cut a hole in the roof peak for a window.  Some fancy iron railings for the balcony maybe?  I'll admit that the barn fence style railings are my least favorite part of the kit.

Opinions?  I don't want the footprint to be any wider than the kit but with a spiral stair or a narrow staircase I wouldn't have to lose a ton of space to the stairway.

If I push out the front wall, make it a more narrow balcony than the kit shows I think it could work.  The other issue is enclosing it, and how to finish the outer walls.  But from the get go I'm going to make sure this puppy is contained.  The building inspector (who shall remain Tali) will not be stealing things out of this dollhouse. 

For finishing I could buy some miniature bead board or siding. The cheap siding from is not going to be used again.  Way too much trouble and the minute it got damp from paint or stain it started to curl despite the stick flat glue.

Obviously I need to research a bit more.  Clapboard siding maybe?  I don't see stone being an option. Only for the foundation maybe. 

The next thing to figure out is the inside.  I'll need to do a dry fit, which means getting the dining room table semi cleared.  A probject (combination of problem and project) for the weekend.

We'll see though.  I like the idea of a cheerful color.  But I'm also enjoying the pictures I find of white with black iron trim.


  1. Great ideas! I love your inspiration pics :)

  2. Very clever! Can't wait to watch it come together.

  3. It would definitely scream NOLA if you had beads hanging off the balcony! Can't wait to see it all come together!