Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cut and paint and repeat

The one thing I don't care for with this type of kit is the constant measuring of the trim, painting it and then adding it to the dollhouse.  I suppose if I were more organized I could cut it all at once and label everything then paint it.  But with cats who like to play with spare pieces of wood...that isn't always something that'll work.

However I did finally get the house trimmed up.  Now I'm just working on the staircase.  Before I put that in I'll add some narrow crown molding to the lower floor, maybe. Still not sure about that.

I'm definitely pleased I went with the shingles and the second coat of paint over them darkened them up nicely. 

I'm thinking of a custom made bed for the upstairs simply because everything I find premade just looks too big or too high.  Something low to the ground with a short headboard would work better. 

The first floor...I think I'll need to make some kitchen cabinets with a half fridge.  I've got a sweet little stand alone porcelain sink that I think will be perfect.  That's for after I get the stairs in.

Sorry this is such a picture heavy post.  But I've got the Architect's Abode moved so I have workspace on the table again.  I'm going mess around with the new contest kit later and see how it works.

Wish me luck!


  1. I'm loving the shingles - awesome color variation! Maybe for the bed, you could do a reclaimed door sort of headboard - that would loon neat! The floors are turning out really nice, as well!

  2. It's just adorable all trimmed out :)