Sunday, August 5, 2012

Accomplishments for the Weekend

So this weekend I was seriously considering a re-attempt of putting the dollhouse together, but I still haven't bought the tools I need.  I'm also a little concerned about cutting the doors into the outer wall.

The walls also have the siding carved into what should be the outside so with the addition, besides needing to cut out doors, I'll need to do something so the wall doesn't look like its shingled.  I've got putty that works to fill holes in drywall but I think I'll need wood putty for the dollhouse, which is a whole other animal.

So what did I do this weekend?  Well, I sorted through a lot of the fabric I have for patterns small enough for a dollhouse.  I also found plain satins and cottons in a fine enough weave that they'll pass as dollhouse scale fabrics.  Since I plan on making bedding to augment the ruffles and bedding that arrived along with the bedroom furniture that's fairly important.

I also decided to try my hand at making hats for one of the dolls I bought.  I think they came out pretty well for a first try.  Took me most of the afternoon but here's the first one.

Its mostly out of pink ribbon with white feathers and white ribbon trim and roses.

Here you can see the pink roses a bit better. 

I also made this one, which is much simpler, a straw hat with blue ribbon and a blue rose.

This I sewed on, while the pink hat I used a glue gun.

I think the flash on the camera tends to reflect badly on the ribbon.

So that was my accomplishment for the weekend. 

And thankfully the husband noticed Miho trying to steal the little pink hat, as in picked it up in her mouth and was intent on carrying it away.  Here's my little thief, sans hat. 

Nobody can glare quite like a cat...its an innate gift.

The problem being that the pink hat is a little big for the doll.  I'll have to measure more carefully next time.  But other than that...

Well it's been awhile since I've made doll clothes.  Or doll bedding.  I'll work on that some maybe during the week, might have something new to show by the weekend. We'll see.

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