Monday, January 13, 2020

Creatin' Contest 2020 Inspiration

Well I'm a day late from my normal Sunday post but I didn't think anyone would mind too much.  I've got a couple ideas.  One is an old idea that I've been thinking would be fun but I don't know if this is the right kit for it.

The old idea is a boathouse, an open space with narrow landings on the front and sides, an open back and maybe a shed roof, with water on the bottom.  I've wanted to do one for a while.  Not sure this is the kit for it. Though the stairs and height lend themselves to the look nicely.  But it doesn't feel very original.

The other idea is a new one.  And oh yes, I'm going to make you guess because that's always fun.  It's a little odd, and I've never done this before so I'm excited about it too.

Here's another look at the kit.

And here are a few of the pieces that have inspired the new idea.

This is something my husband will get a kick out of.  And I'm feeling a bit pleased because it's definitely new to me.

Any guesses?


  1. I am intrigued. I thought library, but then I thought, "Would she really want to make a gazillion books again?" and it's no that different from things you've already done. A study with beautiful items collected from all over the world? An opium den?

    1. The quote at the beginning is the biggest clue.

  2. Gosh Sheila, what a tricky clue.... I have no idea what you are thinking! The photos are all looking very opulent and Victorian, but then the Roman (?) head with masks on its head and the quote....??? Something theatrical?? I have no idea!
    Clearly it will be obvious when you reveal your idea. I will stay tuned for this one.

  3. Oh Sheila!
    The quote is by Edgar Allan Poe, so it does have something to do with books.
    Maybe a painting.... or some theatrical scene.... Shall wait and see.

  4. I don't really have a clue but I LOVE those opulent curtains and am certain that whatever it is it will be fun and interesting to see it come together!!

  5. Oh I love riddles, but this one is difficult. I guess that it all has to do with the theatre, Sheila, maybe the 3D version of a play based on a book...?? So far I really have no clue, so I hope that we'll see soon what you will come up with ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Perhaps something criminel, a murder?

  7. I'm taking a stab in the dark but something from Sherlock Holmes?

  8. I can easily visualize the idea of a boathouse with floating water (but I agree that it's not that original) but I have no idea about your mysterious new idea. All the hints you gave us don't come together as a red thread to me. A saying by Poe... many books… a bust of Pallas Athene... historical furniture and gentlemen... Okay, maybe a theme from the past - but where's the odd part? Hmmm… I'll let you surprise me. ;O)


  9. That diorama is going to look so pretty! I like the idea honestly. You should indeed fill it with Poe books! :D

  10. Anything Victorian or book related (or both) must be wonderful! :D So whatever you think of (I have no idea...) I'm waiting to see it!