Saturday, February 11, 2017

Adding Height & Getting Boxed In

Well I've spent a good portion of my time researching how to measure and build stairs.  Wow.  Makes me realize there's way too much math in architecture and design. 

And I'm still not entirely sold on stairs vs a ladder so I'm keeping my options open.  This is what I'd like to do if I do stairs.

My drawing isn't the best but I want cubby holes at the bottom for baskets and cabinets above them.

I decided that while I'm working on the layout I might as well go ahead and add my three inches of height to the walls.  So I did that and did another dry fit.  So far so good I think.

That gives me a loft with a six foot ceiling.  Not super tall but better than three feet and not being able to stand up at all.

I also tried out some flooring...not sure about it.  I'm thinking I might want to do some wider planks, maybe use tongue depressor sticks with some stain. 

Here's a few pictures of one possible layout.

I noticed that I keep automatically moving the bathroom to the back corner near the smaller window.  I think because when Fran put the kit together for the pictures that was where she put the bathroom.  In a way it makes sense there.

But if you close it in, you either need removable walls or you just don't see the bathroom.  Neither of which I'm thrilled with.  And that smaller window is really perfect for fitting a kitchen counter under.  So having the kitchen in that back corner would really be a good fit.

Plus, while I was contemplating cutting the back side wall and hinging part of it.  Along this line here:

yeah I drew it crooked. Can't draw a straight line to save my life.
It leads to more problems with hinges, making sure the outer finishes work properly... It just feels like a headache and I'm not sure I want to deal with it or not yet. 

So I'm considering another location for the bathroom.  Like here:

If I extend the loft all the way to the back wall, put the bathroom there, we see it and have access to it.  And it's not so wide that I can't see the kitchen behind it.  Plus if I do removable walls, they're a lot easier to access than under the flat roof.

And this space just looks right to me for a kitchen.  Good expanse of wall, small window in the corner, so you've got space for uppers and lowers.  Sink under the window maybe?

And possibly a little banquet under the larger front window near the door, with a work desk near the second large window next to the small one.  Or make that second window smaller to match and extend the counters all the way around  with a little island?

More stuff to think about and fuss with.  With the bathroom walls there getting camera shots could be difficult unless I take a page from Keli's book and make the picture window removable.

It does leave me with the issue of getting light to the bathroom.  I thought about doing glass brick for an interior wall, but I'm not sure how that would blend with the whole craftsman look I really want.  More research needed.

Still thinking about that one.  But here's a look at the front door.  I think I like it.

I'm thinking the picture window needs some wood detailing, to give it more of a craftsman feel.  I'm also really disliking that flat roof.  The homeowner in me just screams that its water damage waiting to happen.  The only flat roofs I've seen on are apartment buildings and have tar on them.

So not sure what to do there.  More thinking.

What are all of you up to this weekend?


  1. a flat roof can be quite charming - you can 'green' it up with pebbles and little plants (best to google for pix). and not all of them are leaking ;-)

    1. I'll have to look for pics. I grew up with snow from Halloween to Easter so flat roofs didn't work so well. Can't seem to shake that mentality but I'll take a look around.

  2. I know what you mean about flat roofs. There are a few small 50s era houses in my neighborhood with flat roofs and I cringe thinking about them when the feets of snow melt in the spring.

    1. Yeah I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and the snow and rain is just insane sometimes. I'm thinking maybe I could make a very gentle slope and cover the roof with something that looks like tar paper?

    2. I had given thought to the same thing, but decided there wasn't enough clearance under the windows. Since you're adding height and raising the windows it should work great.

    3. It might also make the house look a little less lopsided to me now that I've raised the main roof three inches.

  3. Hi Sheila. It's a little hard for me to picture how that last bathroom layout sits with the rest of the structure, but it seems to work best. Having a slightly hidden kitchen adds interest and mystery in my opinion. You could have the bathroom in a box completely separate from the house that slides in and out of place as required. And maybe a stained glass door would give the bathroom light and privacy at the same time? It would fit with a craftsman theme. And last thing, the flat roof. You could just add a little sloping roof on top of the flat part. Anyways, some things to think about! Have a great weekend! Xx

    1. I know, I was doing a very temporary wall set up and it's tough to visualize.

      I love the sliding box option! That's brilliant. Especially if I can just use wall sconces for lighting instead of an overhead light. Have to think about that one! Thanks.

      Yeah I keep thinking about that flat roof and if I want to change it. I'm really thinking of something to give it a slant. I just don't like it flat. Not unless I'm going to turn it into a balcony or something. And really not even then.

  4. Lots of great ideas and I know you will find the perfect solutions as you move forward with the project! I am looking forward to seeing all of the craftsman details you'll be adding!

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about the craftsman touches. Especially making the built ins.

  5. Oh those stairs look like they'd be so cool! I do hope you find a way to get them built! And the door looks so good in the dry fit, I like that your going to try and add some details to the windows too. I do think adding a small window (like one of the small rectangular ones) up high on the bathroom wall facing into the house would still be okay. Since your adding walls to the bathroom yourself you could make it out of a material that you could easily cut a hole into like foam board (assuming that is what is keeping you from cutting into the main exterior walls).

    I'm excited to say I actually took the plunge and got the kit :) While I wait impatiently for my parcel to ship through international post I've been trying to contain my excitement by browsing everyone's dry fits... The best part is knowing how different every one makes theirs from the same starting build! I'm going to be going ultra modern!
    Can't wait to see your progress next :)