Sunday, March 20, 2016

Colors and Finishes

I know I talked about doing earth tones for my NOLA house.  But I fell in love with these cushions from Otterine's Etsy shop.

And I've got a really nice red couch from Elf Miniatures.  So I'm thinking nice dark brown woodwork, walnut or mahogany stained.  You remember my flooring?

And I found some gorgeous wainscoting... I think the designs will be a nice contrast to the geometric pattern of the floor. 

I'll do baseboards to add a little height to the wainscoting. 

Now here I'm not quite sure...I'm thinking a nice black and white toile...

It'll go with the New Orleans theme, toile is very traditional, but I don't want everything to be too stark.  So I'll need the curtains to soften the whole effect.  Maybe something in a dark red?  Or a soft grey with red trim?  Not sure about that yet.

I've got some black and white tile for the kitchen floor.  And I'm hoping to make the cabinets.  I got the idea from Cramped Quarters... I love how the kitchen turned out.  Despite the title of the post. 'Kitchen Nightmares'.  So I bought some wainscoting panels that I could use for cabinets.

I want a small kitchen in this house, so that means narrow, more like a galley kitchen.  And I'm debating about the idea a pass through window between the kitchen and dining room.  I'm not so sure about that really.

Just like I'm debating this wallpaper.

I'm not sure about this... White walls might be better.  With cheerful red curtains at the windows.  Maybe black appliances?  Red would make a nice pop though.  We'll have to see. 

All the wallpaper I found at Hobby Builders Supply.  Including this.  Which would be gorgeous for the bedroom.

I love the dark branches with the touches of color.  And with the reds, yellows and greens it leaves a lot of options open for the bedding and curtains.   So I think this might be a keeper. 

I'm planning on a herringbone floor for the bedroom. 

I've got some plain oak flooring to frame out the living room and bedroom floor.

I absolutely fell in love with this bedding set.

I love it...but I'm not sure about the colors.  It's over at TheLittleEmptyNest on Etsy along with this one.

Which is also gorgeous.  But I'm not sure about how dark the colors are.  I might have to make my own if I can't find something I really love for the house.

Plus I was thinking of a Belter bed...

Though I'm not completely sold on it.  I've got a kit for a four poster bed and it would be nice to make something just for the bedroom.

Right now I'm working on my walls, getting my windows cut out and the siding on.  I've also been cutting out my bricks and getting my foundation done, a la Brae over at Otterine.
The other thing I'm debating is a fireplace.  I don't think I want the complication.  It means taking up a good chuck of wall space in the living room.  And though I've got a kit for a nice fireplace... I'm not sure.  So we'll see.

I need to make some heat registers too.  Kris has an awesome tutorial and I was thinking I'd use that.  I'd have to use the outer walls for it but the house I grew up in had the heat registers on both outer and inner walls.  Actually the outer wall grates might have been the cold air returns but for my purposes I'm not terribly worried about it.

But I'm slowly making some progress.  Getting excited really.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! At least I got half my foundation done. Not including the back steps. More work tonight.

  2. I have those pillows too! I love the wallpapers! Excited to see your progress!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to have everything completely figured out soon. Crossing my fingers.