Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey this post is mostly pictures.  I bought a few things for the Gothic Victorian dollhouse and I thought I'd show them off.

Remember the servants quarters with the near Oliver Twist-ian beds?  Well they've been...improved. Most definitely.  At least the maids will be able to sleep now.  That's something right?

I got these from Minibeddingshop on Etsy, and I may have to go back for more.

See? Cute little matresses. I love these.

They fit perfectly on the brass beds.

I like these mattresses better than the one I sleep on. Why is that?

Both beds... And one of these days the maid's outfit will be period appropriate. Bare legs and ankles! Oh the scandal!

The blankets they had were kinda flimsy.  The Reformists would have kittens.  So I got the maids some quilts.  Not matching of course...I mean really they're only servants.  Pish tosh, any old thing will do.

The first came from MiniBargains on Etsy.
This one is more of a crazy quilt. 
And here's the other one. Not as crazy colored but still attractive and warm enough that they'll be happier in the winter.

This one I got off of Ebay and cannot remember the sellers name for the life of me.
Pretty nice huh?  I need to make them a rag rug or something... that bare floor looks chilly.
And I couldn't invest all that money into the servants quarters without buying Mrs. Doll a little something right?  Unfortunately Mrs. Doll's hair gets in the way so someone else will be modeling for us.

These come from Just For You Miniatures on Etsy, I think I've favorited everything in her shop. Gorgeous., absolutely, mind bogglingly, gorgeous.
Isn't it pretty? I love that its wearable. 

I'm pretty good at tiny sewing but this is beyond me... so delicate!
The ruffle around the face! OMG gorgeous.

Of course that was a spring bonnet.  It's cold where I am and we can't have Mrs. Doll getting chilled.

Fabulous Harry I love the feathers!
And the tiny little flower details.
And the fur lining and trim!  Have I mentioned I love the feathers?
Oh, and lest Mrs. Doll's hands get cold, it comes with something else.

I'll scatter them around the Gothic Victorian when I'm not trying to play dress up.

Really, her ribbons are on the floor. She needs to take better care of her things.
The flash washes out the pale green but it looks so pretty in person.
And that's all I've got for today folks.  Hoping to have an update on the Bungalow soon.  And another project for the future! Yay me.  See you next time.


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